Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Eternal Quest

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‘The story of a young man from Kerala with a humble beginning and his travel to then Bombay as a gawky teenager to work and study to be somebody; after graduating, with great difficulty obtained a law degree while doing small jobs. His struggle in life during the British Raj and later after Indian independence, doing many odd jobs and then working in a government department with all its ills and internal squabbles; rising to be the Director of Enforcement, is an achievement. The story is inspiring.’

*Eternal Quest
A Memoir by Madhav Reghuram Pillai
(Ex-Director of Enforcement, Govt of India)
- Edited by A K Naik 

Publisher: M R Pillai
Pages: 473
Price: Rs 400 + P&F Rs 100 

Mail your order to: akn929@yahoo.com
(NB: P & F chrgs for India)

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