Saturday 26 January 2013

Boob Advertising – a daring concept

In the last week, a small news item – ‘Boob Advertising goes viral’ gave a new dimension to advertising and Communication. To what extent can one go to promote wares and make money too! People think totally out of the box and come out with innovative ideas to promote products.

A girl from Czech Republic has come up with an awkward way to make money by using part of her anatomy – by putting advertisements on her boobs. For just 5 pounds, punters can advertise their products or events on one of her breasts, with just 9 pounds for both. The mystery girl is not named in the ad posted on Czech website, saying that she’s a beautiful young girl and offers her breasts for greeting cards and adverts. One can send her the message with it written on her breasts in marker pen.

Last year, the boob campaign seems to be drawing a lot of attention for GoDaddy. It got lot of eyeballs and attention; communication experts say it was worth the money spent.

A Los Angeles woman decided to earn some money by selling ad space on her 40NN chest and Martz Communication Group P D Drew Scott has taken the offer for $2000. The idea was that since people are always staring at the well endowed assets anyway, she might as well make them prime advertising real estate that earns some money for her.

But readers what do think about Boob Advertising. Is this the new daring concept of promotion and communication?

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