Tuesday 3 December 2013

Is Modi damaging his cause?

Yes, to a certain extent like all politicians of different shades, Narendra Modi too loves to put his foot in the mouth. Modi must shake off his ‘Feku’ reputation. Some people have even started calling him ‘motor mouth’ and ‘bol bachan.’ The more he talks, the more he exhibits his ignorance. Basically most of the time, he seems to be getting his facts all wrong. Earlier people overlooked some of the guffaw thinking it to be slip of tongue. But now people are aware about his limitations. He seems to be a man in a hurry. He speaks without verifying facts. He feels this is the best opportunity for a shot at the PM post. If he becomes the PM and makes such a goof up, he will be a laughing stock. Others admit Modi’s smart talk and style of functioning and the snooping case will further erode the image of BJP. BJP supporters will vote for him but fence sitters will not go for him.

In yet another slip up, Gujarat CM N Modi and BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate mispronounced the first name of the Mahatma, calling him Mohanlal Karamchand Gandhi instead of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. The slip up comes days after his goof up between Jan Sangh founder Shyama Prasad Mookerji and revolutionary Shyamji Krishna Verma. It appears his ace PR team is going overboard ignoring the basic facts of history and geography of India, economics and article 370, etc. This seems to be the weak link of N Modi. The impression one gets is that BJP is projecting him as the only hope of their party, and savior of the nation. It also gives the feeling, he is the only potent leader in BJP. This in the long run will do a grave harm to the cadre based party; claiming to be a party with a difference. People have already started accusing BJP of projecting personality. So where is the party with a difference, many skeptics ask.

N Modi criticizes one and all parties, except himself. His speeches are generally I, me, and myself with an arrogant attitude. This dictatorial trait is bad for Indian polity. This will isolate BJP further distancing them from their allies. He generally highlights the problems of UPA, but does not spell out any solutions. His statement on foreign affairs shows him to be a novice in national and international affairs. A successful CM may not necessarily be a successful PM. History tells us that governing a state is very different from governing a nation. A PM should be a person acceptable to all and who is able to carry all the allies of different shades and ideologies, accepting their opinion with grace.

BJP leadership too now feels Modi must avoid guffaws. His random statements are being tagged as hasty with self-opinions based on wrong or incorrect information. This gives hope to Congress and others that eventually Modi may score a self-goal and defeat the party’s plans of coming to power. They too are well aware, crowds do not necessarily mean votes. Forming a government means a lot of other factors come into play. BJP is well aware that poll mathematics is a different ball game all together.

Some poll experts have already started working on the outcome of the forth-coming general elections, irrespective of the election results of the states. According to some experts, BJP under N Modi might not work wonders for BJP. They predict a hung parliament . And Congress being a more acceptable party amongst the allies, may tilt in favour of Congress. If Congress get their arithmetic right, may make a surprise comeback and BJP might be left sulking.

Let us wait and watch the outcome with the flamboyant rhetoric of Narendra Modi and sudden bursts of fire from Rahul Gandhi. Who will count in the end – RaGa or NaMo? The third front is a wasted force with no real programme or policy. Ultimately most of the small outfits and regional parties will have to align with either Congress or BJP. Will Congress retain power or will BJP make a comeback is a million dollar question!

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