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Major Gen Cardozo, who cut his own leg with kukri in 1971 Indo-Pak war

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Major General Ian Cardozo AVSM  SM is a retired Indian Army officer. He was the first war-disabled officer of Indian army to command a battalion and than a brigade. He is an amputee due to injury in action, a landmine blast during the 1971 war. He served from 1954 to 1993 in the forces.His is an inspiring story of guts and courage who fought against all odds to convince the army top brass about his physical fitness and mental toughness to take charge and command the troops once again.

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You must have read or heard about extraordinary acts of bravery and courage during war, but nothing will come close to the bravado of Major General Ian Cardozo, who amputated his own leg after stepping on a landmine. It takes guts to do what he did during the action in Bangladesh war.

Carodozo was called Cartoos Sahib by his Gorkha troops. And cartoos in Hindi means bullet. Ian Cardozo was born to Vicent and Diana Cardozo in 1937 in then Bombay. He studied at St Xavier’s College, Bombay. Cardozo graduated from the National Defence Academy and then attended the Indian Military Academy. He is the first NDA cadet to receive both Gold and Silver medals. The gold medal is given to the cadet for the best all round performance. The silver medal is given to the cadet who is first in order of merit. For the first time in the history of the National Defence Academy, the cadet who was awarded the gold medal was also first in order of merit.

Later he joined the 5 Gorkha Rifles (Frontier Force). He was commissioned and commanded the 1st Battalion of the 5th Regiment of Gorkha Rifles. He has also served with 4/5 Gorkha Rifles. And he has fought two wars – India-Pakistan war of 1965 and 1971, and exhibited his ability to lead his troops to battle.

During the outbreak of Indo-Pakistan war of 1971, India was waging a war with Pakistan to hasten the liberation of Bangladesh. And Cardozo, who was a Major then, was attending a course at the Defence Services Staff College, Wellington. His battalion, 4/5 Gorkha Rifles was already deployed in the eastern theatre of operations, East Pakistan. The battalion’s second-in-command was martyred in action, and Cardoza’s posting was cancelled and was ordered to replace him immediately. As per the order, he arrived and joined his battalion in time to accompany them on Indian Army’s first heliborne opearation during the battle of Sylhet. His timely arrival was of immense boost as the battalion was short of manpower. He was popularly called Cartoos Sahib by his Gorkha regiment as they found it difficult to pronounce his name. Cartoos means cartridge in Hindi, which also denotes toughness.

As the Indian Army was pushing the Pakistanis and inflicting damage, they were on the defensive. Through a swift military offensive that lasted only 13 days, India successfully defeated Pakistan and liberated Bangladesh. And this war witnessed Indian Army’s first-ever heliborne operation. In fact, the battalion of only 480 men charted history when they accepted the surrender of about 1500 men that include three Brigadiers, a Colonel, 107 officers, 219 Junior Commissioned Officers and 7,000 troops from the Pakistan army. That is is the impact and fear they created on the enemy.

After the fall of Dhaka, when the Indian Army was rounding up the prisoners of war, Major Cardozo met with an accident that would change his life forever, he stepped on a land mine and his leg was badly injured in the resulting blast. A part of his leg which was attached to his body could not be amputated surgically because of  the war situation and war wreckage all over. Due to non-availability of medical anesthesia or surgical equipment, and absence of medics at the scene of action, his leg could not be amputated surgically. He asked his orderly to cut of his injured leg, who refused. He subsequently asked for a kukri to amputate his own leg. Cardozo cut it off himself  and ordered the orderly to go and bury it. It takes a lot of courage to cut ones leg. Cardozo was a mentally tough man. And in the course of the battle his unit had captured a Pakistani Army surgeon, Major Mohammad Basheer, who later operated on Cardozo.

He was a war casualty and this incident would have meant end of field duty and going to be demoted and assigned staff duty. After his amputation, Cardozo had a wooden leg. He was not the one to give up. Despite this, he maintained his physical fitness levels and beat a number of able-bodied officers in battle physical fitness tests. Since he was keen to join action on the field, he then put his case to the then Chief of Army Staff, General Tapishwar Narain Raina. He asked Cardozo to accompany him to Ladakh. After seeing his zeal and impressed by his resilience, observing that Cardozo could still walk in the mountains through snow and ice, General Raina allowed him to command a battalion. History was created when he went to become the first war-disabled Army officer to command not just a battalion but also a brigade.

The incident repeated itself when Major Cardozo was considered for the brigade commander’s position. He reasoned that if he was capable of commanding a battalion, so should he be capable of commanding a brigade. He was promoted to Brigadier on March 1984. For the uninitiated, brigade in the army is typically composed of three to six battalions plus supporting teams.

Thanks to Major General Cardozo, three other army officers later went to become army commanders. In fact, one of the officers, who was a double amputee, went on to become the Vice Chief.

Cardozo is married to Priscilla and has three sons and resides in New Delhi. After retirement, Major General Cardozo served as the Chairman of Rehabilitation Council of India from 2005 to 2011. A recipient of military decorations like the Ati Vishisht Seva Medal (AVSM) and the Sena Medal (SM). One of his sons, Sunith Cardoza is in the army too.

He is an athlete, a marathon runner, and regularly takes part in the Mumbai marathon on his prosthetic limb. It's very rare that you come across such a person so courageous, who had the guts to fight all odds despite losing a leg. India salutes this brave army officer!

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