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The Pakistan dilemma!

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The Pakistan dilemma!

Pakistan is facing financial crisis, identity crisis and much more. They turn a blind eye or again blame India for the uprising, unrest and killing in Baluchistan and the attacks in Pakistan by Afghans. They also claim there’s no protest in POK and the Kashmiris  are happy with Pakistan, even when the leader of POK was seen weeping on video saying no adequate funds are allotted for health care and other projects. The local people are agitated want to join Indian Kashmir.

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During the mid-eighties visit to UAE, I came across a Pakistani cab driver, who on realizing we are Indians started chatting with us. In the course of the conversation he said, Pakistan is very unpredictable, when we go to sleep in the night, we are not sure if the same government is in power the next morning, given the history of coups and Martial law in Pakistan since independence in August 1947. This says it all.

Another educated small-time businessman complained, in our country over 50% of the people are illiterate and uneducated. And many of those educated are from Madrassas. So their thinking and knowledge is limited to religious texts. They are ignorant to the happenings in the outside world or know of what is told to them through our local media as very few can read or understand English. They are not aware of the progress and development made in other countries, including the neighbouring countries like India.

Hence they fall prey to media propaganda and fake news. They easily believe, Pakistan was created by Jinnah for Muslims so that they don’t get subjugated by the Hindus. And that Pakistan is the leader of the Muslim world and that they are superior, more intelligent and stronger as compared to the Hindus, Christians, Jews and others. And Pakistan army and the ISI is number one in the world. And that Pakistan is a rich and a powerful country and the world is jealous about them and try to push it down. My Pakistani friend said - we love to call ourselves number one, but we are not so in any field except creating trouble and misguiding people.

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Some ignorant Pakistanis even go to the extent to say that America, Russia, China, India and other developed countries have progressed and developed by stealing Islamic secrets and technology from the Muslim world. When asked if other countries could steal and develop, why can’t Pakistan do so? They have no answer. From this you can understand the standard of education and what is put into the innocent minds of young boys and girls. Their general knowledge and IQ level is poor which is exposed in what they say.

Their school books tell the children, India is their enemy where Khafirs live. They are dirty, dishonest and untrustworthy people. And they have occupied Kashmir which rightfully belongs to Pakistan. And they are also told, India is a weak and poor country with poverty all over the place. But they don’t tell the people the present situation in Pakistan. Their leaders going round with a begging bowl. They are on the grey list of FATF. No country including their friends and allies; and even Islamic countries have refused to lend them money. They are on the verge of default and nearing a bad situation like in Sri Lanka.

They believe Pakistan won all the wars with India. The fact is otherwise. In 1948, Pakistan army in the guise of tribal’s attacked independent Kashmir with an intention of snatching it. The Maharaja of Kashmir asked help from India, signed the accession documents and merged his state with India. The Indian forces landed and repulsed the attack and drove back the Pakistani forces till the present LOC, and a cease fire was declared. The other side of the LOC is POK, Pakistan occupied Kashmir which India still claims. For the last seventy five years they have been claiming Kashmir, but nobody is able to convincing say how Kashmir belongs to Pakistan when Pakistan did not exist before 1947. Their argument is it's a Muslim majority state. But when told that Bangladesh being a Muslim majority province, separated from them. They have no answer except to say, it was a conspiracy by India.

In 1965, Pakistan politicians and media claimed a glorious victory over India. Pakistanis were told with graphic videos how the brave Pakistan army butchered the Indian army and forced them to flee from Lahore. But they never told them, how did the Indian army, cross the border and reach the outskirts of Lahore in the first place. Indian forces had reached Burki with the Indian tricolour flying at their police station, and later the forces retreated. Pakistan lost a large number of men, tanks and aircraft, mostly Patton tanks and Sabre jets provided by the Americans, their close ally then. The Americans were surprised how the Indian forces could do so much damage with old Gnats and world war II type of tanks against the modern Sabre jets and Patton tanks. The Indian military strategy was much superior to the Pakistan's ill-conceived plan to attack India with modern planes and tanks. It was a big blow to the Pakistani war planners and the Bangladesh war broke their morale.

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In 1971, as everyone is aware of the background of the Bangladesh Liberation war, 93,000 Pakistani soldiers surrendered and laid down arms in the presence of the much smaller Indian army. Pakistan was split, East Pakistan became Bangladesh. Now they have progressed and gone much ahead of Pakistan in GDP, exports and other fields. Many sane Pakistanis now say, they did the right thing by separating from Pakistan. And Pakistan has gone down in every field. Maharashtra, an Indian state, whose GDP is more than the GDP of Pakistan! Pakistan can't believe it. Educated Pakistanis are shocked by this fact, and now realize the strength and economy of India.

In Kargil, the misadventure proved very costly for Pakistan with loss of lives, equipment and weapons. The Pakistanis occupied Indian bunkers vacated by Indian forces in winter as per the agreement signed by both countries. They never expected India to respond in such an aggressive manner. The Pakistan forces had to flee to save their lives following the Indian assault and pounding by the artillery guns and from air by the fighter planes. With heavy casualties, Pakistan refused to even take the bodies of the dead soldiers claiming they were not their army men. Every one knew the truth. Pakistan was labeled the aggressor and accused of breaking an international agreement signed a few months earlier. General Musharaf started this adventure and Nawaz Sharif had to go to US to request President Clinton to intervene and bring about a cease fire. They were clearly told to return to their side of the LOC. Pakistan has realized they can never win a conventional war with India, hence the plan to bleed India through terrorist attacks. 

Pakistanis, if they don’t believe in what the Indians are saying, they should read the reports, books and videos of their own retired Generals, where they clearly state – Pakistan started all the four wars and Pakistan lost all the wars losing men, material, credibility and the morale, thereby straining the weak economy further. Pakistan has over the years has been surviving on foreign aid and loans. And at present, the crisis is the result of all this misadventures, corruption and mismanagement of the economy by the successive governments.

Apart from the financial crisis, Pakistan faces a major identity crisis. Sometimes they claim, they have come from Arabs, who don’t care about them. Sometimes claim to have come from Turks, who recently started a campaign, Pakistanis get out of Turkey. And some claim, from Afghans and Central Asia. They don’t know their history, tradition and culture or don’t wish to believe it. They don’t like to claim they are from Indian subcontinent and they were converted to Islam, sharing a common culture and tradition with India. The day they accept this fact, Pakistan will be on the right path.

They like to believe that Pakistan leaders like Imran Khan are respected and consulted by other countries on world affairs. They are not aware that their own leaders are responsible for the financial mess. Some knowledgeable and educated Pakistanis openly state, Pakistan is going to be a banana republic with civil war. They have borrowed from all friendly countries. Now no country including Islamic countries, are willing to lend money. They have knowingly fallen into China’s lap and a debt trap who are extracting the benefits with financial and other pressure on Pakistan.

Pakistan in deep trouble and isolated, the politicians and media still declare, Pakistan will take Kashmir and teach Delhi a lesson. Some female and male anchors make such foolish statements day in and day out to appease the Pakistan public. They blame India for the financial mess, attacks and uneasy situation in Pakistan. Nobody has the guts to accept that everything happening is of their own making. Some believe in trade with India to improve their failing economy, while some are of the opinion, it’s better to starve than start trade with India till the Kashmir issue is not solved. Many Pakistanis in their heart feel Kashmir is a lost cause and nobody in the world is willing to support them.

They turn a blind eye or again blame India for the uprising, unrest and killing in Baluchistan and the attacks in Pakistan by Afghans. They also claim there’s no protest in POK and the Kashmiris  are happy with Pakistan, even when the leader of POK was seen weeping on video saying no adequate funds are allotted for health care and other projects. The local people are agitated want to join Indian Kashmir.

The favorite line in Pakistan is, India is responsible for all the ills and attacks in Pakistan. It is either orchestrated or sponsored by India. How come their self-proclaimed number one agency in the world, ISI is not able to prevent it? Pakistan politicians must open their eyes and accept their mistakes, stop the blame game if they wish to progress and become a stable country. Pakistan is on a denial mode. If they don't upgrade their old software, the country will soon crash!

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