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Reaction to the reaction videos!

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Reaction to the reaction videos!

Many young Pakistani men and women have launched Youtube Channels focused on India - its progress and development, comparing it with Pakistan though it doesn’t make sense. It’s more of Pakistan reaction videos on India’s development in different sectors. Most of these youngsters go around with mike and camera seeking public opinion about India and its recent development. Most of these anchors themselves are not well-versed with the chosen subjects.....

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Recently in a media talk show, while talking to Pakistani journalist Cheema, Sajid Tarar, an America-based businessman and political commentator admitted that he used to think Pakistan is 50 years behind India. But seeing the progress and new developments in India with the launching of satellites and designing and construction of aircraft carrier etc, he feels Pakistan is 100 years behind India, and India is much ahead in every field. Even Kamal Cheema would say, Pakistan is 15 years behind India. I think Sajid Tarar has made a correct assessment and understands Pakistan better than most.

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Many young Pakistani men and women have launched Youtube Channels focused on India - its progress and development, comparing it with Pakistan though it doesn’t make sense. It’s more of Pakistan reaction videos on India’s development in different sectors. Most of these youngsters go around with mike and camera seeking public opinion about India and its recent development. Most of these anchors themselves are not well-versed with the chosen subjects. They are not aware of the full facts themselves. And this half-knowledge is dangerous and exposes their ignorance many a times. Most of these anchors need a crash course on India to know the full facts before making comparison between the two countries.

Another noticeable thing is most of them speak Urdu and sprinkling of English in Punjabi accent, which sounds funny. As they are not clear about the full facts of the chosen subject, ask questions with half-truths. Most of them hail from Lahore and compete with one another on doing better than the others creating rifts among themselves. Sometimes even the chosen subject seems to be on the same lines as other anchors too pick the same subject. Sometimes it's repetitive too.

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They interview common people on the streets most of them who are ignorant or are not even aware of the happenings around the world. For them the answer is Pakistan is a muslim country and number one in the world. Their army is brave and number one in the world. India is nothing compared to Pakistan. And Indian and the world is jealous seeing the progress in Pakistan. These interviews expose the level of education of the people, their mindset, their thinking and outlook. Most Pakistanis live in their own world literally believing in what is shown and said on the local media. They are not exposed to world media. Most of them are not even aware that their country is in an economical and political upheaval. Their leaders go abroad to beg for funds to run the country.

It’s not only limited to the illiterate, or madrassa-educated masses, even the educated people are in a dream world. Without even realizing the precarious condition of its economy, running on loans and grants, they proudly say, Pakistan is a modern and developed country more advanced than India. Their ISI and army is number one. Some go to the extent to say, the world copies Pakistan to develop their countries. Most of these reaction videos are more-funny than the Kapil Sharma Comedy show.

By interviewing the illiterate, half-literate or madrassa-educated masses they are exposing themselves to the world and making them a laughing stock. With poor IQ and nil general knowledge and devoid of latest information, they give crazy and funny replies to the questions posed to them. Even the educated are no less funny, and their women, most of them still believe nobody can beat Pakistan and it is ahead of India in every field. In all this chaos there are few sane voices who have traveled abroad and speak sense with facts and admit India is far ahead in most fields. And it's difficult to catch up with India. 

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Many of the anchors keep repeating that both countries attained independence at the same time, India on 15 August and Pakistan on 14 August, one day before India. This is factually wrong. India was under British rule. There was no Pakistan before August 1947. India got its independence on 15 August 1947. Pakistan was carved out of India for muslim majority as per the demands of Jinnah and Muslim League. So it’s not Independence day, it should be Pakistan National day. For three years, Pakistan celebrated on 15 August like India and then decided to change and celebrate on 14 August, one day earlier.

The anchors should do their homework on the chosen subject and know certain basic facts before going around interviewing people. They exhibit their ignorance. India is about 4 times the size of Pakistan area-wise and the population is 7 times that of Pakistan. India is fifth largest economy in the world. Will soon be 3-4 largest economy. Maharashtra, a state in India, its GDP is more than the GDP of Pakistan. Indian army stands at fourth position, whereas Pakistan army is around 9-10th position in world ranking. Indian Air Force is fourth on the list ahead of China. India has a much bigger and stronger Navy with aircraft carriers.

India manufactures a wide range of products and equipment's from textiles, machinery, defense equipment, artillery guns, missiles, cars, trucks, armored vehicles, helicopters, fighter planes, drones, frigates, aircraft carriers, space rockets, etc. India is recognized as the IT hub of the world. In automobile industry, India is 3-4 in the world. In space science, India has reached the Moon and Mars, that too at a lesser cost than the west. Pakistan is still trying to reach India! India and ISRO is launching satellites for other countries. Earlier India created a record by launching 104 satellites in a single rocket. Recently during Diwali India launched 36 UK satellites into space in a heavy rocket. India is planning to send spacecraft to Venus and is also planning a mission to the sun. And is also working on sending man to space. India's make-in-India is appreciated the world over and is exporting a wide range of products including defense equipment.

India ranks high in education and is renowned worldwide with many top Indian universities and technical institutes listed in the world top list. Indian Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Management is reputed all over the world and the students who have graduated from here are occupying senior positions and are CEOs in multi-nationals and in the corporate world. India is in second position where English is spoken. A Pakistani friend in UAE told me a decade ago, that over 50% of Pakistanis are illiterate. CEOs of Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Mastercard, Pepsi, IBM, Albertsons, Netapp, Nokia, Palo Alto, Arista, Novartis and Dellotite are all Indians. US Vice-President Kamala Harris and UK Prime Rishi Sunak are of Indian origin. This tells the story of Indian influence world-wide.

Some Pakistanis like talking about poverty in India without knowing the truth. As per recent reports its 36% in Pakistan, whereas in India, from 6% it is almost 1% now. They are not prepared to believe it. Another often repeated line seems to be, Pakistan has a lot of talent. Then why it has not been harnessed for the betterment of the country in the last seventy years. I fail to understand that in no other muslim country do they claim, we are muslims, but in Pakistan, they keep repeating we are an Islamic country and hence we are ahead of all. Without realizing that there are more muslims in India than Pakistan and are proud Indians. It's hard for them to believe this fact. Next they say, muslims in India are suffering and are targeted without realizing muslims in India in every field, be it education, business, science and technology, sports, films, arts and literature are doing well for themselves along with other Indians.

Another frequently made tall claim by the people is that, always India attacked Pakistan, and Pakistan defeated India in all the wars. One Pakistani is equal to 10-15 Indians. The fact is Pakistan lost all the four wars – 1948, 1965, 1971, 1999. Apart from the common man, even the media and anchors find it hard to believe. They can refer to their own war reports and videos of their own Pakistan Air Force Chief Ashgar Ali and others where they clearly state, all wars were started by Pakistan and Pakistan lost all the wars. In 1971, Pakistan lost half its country and its morale. 93,000 Pakistan soldiers surrendered to the Indian army and returned after spending more than a year in POW camps in India. In Kargil, Pakistan got a befitting reply, lost men and machine and their credibility. These wars have seen a lot of bloodshed and loss of life and property due to the foolishness of the Pakistani army.

Kashmir is another subject they like to comment on. Pakistanis claim Kashmir belongs to them. In the last 70 years, I have yet to meet a person who can prove or convince that Kashmir belongs to them. Hassan Nisar, a well-known political analyst and commentator said in no uncertain terms – how does Kashmir belong to Pakistan? He added, even Pakistan was a part of India. East Pakistan, now Bangladesh which part of Pakistan, they couldn’t hold on and it separated from Pakistan, they are doing better in all fronts. Common Pakistanis believe, Kashmir should be part of Pakistan simply because they are muslims. What about Bangladesh? They too were muslims and you lost them. Pakistan army was responsible for the worst genocide committed on the people of East Pakistan. The Pakistan army massacred its own citizens and raped the women.

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The anchors will do well if they are aware of all the above facts so they can counter the people speaking wrong or nonsense and making a fool of themselves. They should correct them there and then though they are not willing to hear anything against their country. But facts are facts though it may be bitter. These anchors have made a beginning, though with some restraint and fear of the authorities. Many people are realizing and surprised by the facts  and disparity in both the countries.

If Pakistan has to progress and develop,  the people must first think of their nation and not mix religion in everything. Forget believing they are leader of the muslim world as nobody takes them seriously. Pay attention to education, health care and nation building by choosing proper leaders. Kashmir issue has done more harm to Pakistan. Kashmir is kept alive by the politicians and army to keep their interests alive. Common people are fooled by hollow slogans by the Pakistan media. And sooner Pakistan accepts the truth about India, its better. There is no comparison between India and Pakistan. A stable Pakistan is good for India too.

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Elon Musk to replace Parag Agrawal as Twitter CEO

After completing his $44 billion acquisition, taking the helm of the social media giant on top of leading Tesla Inc. and SpaceX, Elon Musk plans to assume the role of CEO at Twitter Inc

Elon Musk plans to assume the role of chief executive officer at Twitter Inc. after completing his $44 billion acquisition, taking the helm of the social media giant on top of leading Tesla Inc. and SpaceX.

Musk intends to replace Parag Agrawal, who was fired along with other major executives upon completion of the takeover, a person familiar with the matter said, asking not to be identified discussing internal deliberations. The billionaire is expected to remain CEO in the interim but may eventually cede the role in the longer term, the person added. Twitter representatives declined to comment.

Musk’s acquisition puts the world’s richest man in charge of a struggling social network after six months of public and legal wrangling. Among Musk’s first moves: changing the leadership. Departures include Vijaya Gadde, the head of legal, policy and trust; Chief Financial Officer Ned Segal, who joined Twitter in 2017; and Sean Edgett, who has been general counsel at Twitter since 2012. Edgett was escorted out of the building, Bloomberg News reported.

Musk also intends to do away with permanent bans on users because he doesn’t believe in lifelong prohibitions, the person said. That means people previously booted off the platform may be allowed to return, a category that would include former president Donald Trump, the person said. It’s unclear however if Trump would be allowed back on Twitter in the near term.

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