Thursday 7 September 2023

Eye-opener to our neighbors!

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Eye-opener to our neighbors!

India provides equal opportunities, education, employment, and facilities to all irrespective of caste and creed. In all India’s prestigious institutions all over the country devoted to science, space, technology, finance, defense, research, and development, including the armed forces, you can find Indians of all communities and religion..... 

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Most of India’s neighbors can’t comprehend India’s secular credentials or understand the social fabric of the nation. India is a Hindu majority country with Muslims, Christians, Jains, Buddhists, Parsis, Jews, and others who live in peace and harmony. All are equal citizens of the country. All of them celebrate their festivals and participate in celebrations of each other. This has been a tradition since centuries. And all of them have their temples, mosques, and churches to pray and follow their religion without fear or restrictions. Some of the neighbors can’t understand or digest this, especially Pakistan, where the people are told India is a land of Hindus, where they mistreat and torture minorities, especially Muslims. This hatred is inculcated through the media, leaders, and even through school text books. The first reaction of most Pakistanis is that India is our enemy and that we can't accept anything good happening in India.

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I am a Hindu, studied in a convent school run by catholic priests; my classmates were Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Jains, Jews, and Parsis. We are still in touch with most of them and visit one another, know their families, have been part of their marriages, festivities, and celebrations, and are with them in good and bad times. This is our culture and tradition. Here, nobody thinks in terms of religion. All are equal and considered Indians in India and abroad. And all are proud to call themselves Indian and proud of the blue passport. If you ask any Indian, his response would be that the nation comes first, then comes religion. For Indians, religion is a private matter. It's common for people of the majority and minority communities to meet and visit each other on festive occasions and festivals, and take part in the celebrations and enjoy the feast. This is the norm.

India offers and provides equal opportunities, education, employment, and facilities to all irrespective of caste and creed. In all India’s prestigious institutions all over the country devoted to science, space, technology, finance, defense, research, and development, including the armed forces, you can find Indians of all communities and religion. All are proud to serve their nation. No one is differentiated in the name of religion, and people from minority communities can rise to the top in the field they have chosen. Abdul Kalam, Fakhruddin Ali and Zakir Hussein were elected President of India. Similarly, India as had top leaders, politicians, state governors, state chief minister, central ministers, army generals, chief of air force, heads of prestigious institutions from the minority community. Can you ever imagine this happening in Pakistan?

To give a simple example of how people from different religions are interconnected and need each other, morning bread and eggs are supplied to homes mostly by Muslims, Christians, and Parsis. The car mechanic could be a Hindu, Muslim, or a Christian. Meat, or chicken, is mostly supplied by Muslims. The plumber who comes to fix is a Muslim; the electrician could be a Hindu or a Christian, the computer technician, TV mechanic, refrigerator technician, or carpenter could be a Muslim, Hindu, or Christian. Same goes for doctors, house help, and maids. All of them know their job and are trusted in homes and by families. They have been offering their services for years. Hindu doctors treat patients from the minority community, and doctors from minority community treat patients from majority community, nothing unique about it in India, It's been happening for for ages as all are treated equally.

From this, you can very well understand the interdependency of all communities. They are all respected, treated, and paid equally. Some of the people have been handling repairs and services for families for decades and generations due to faith, excellent service, and trust. In some cases, once the father gets old and retires, the sons offer the same service, because of the mutual faith, satisfaction, and trust factor.

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In some cases, the bonding is so deep that a Muslim invites his Hindu friend to accompany him to see the groom for his daughter. His opinion is counted. And the same happens vice versa. In case of a medical emergency, nobody checks if the blood or organ is from a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, or any other community. Pakistanis would be surprised to know that even in business, there are instances of Hindu and Muslim or others as partners in an successful enterprise or a manufacturing or a trading company.

There are petty leaders in India too who tend to create a rift among religions and communities for their selfish motives and self-interest. Sometimes some misguided youth or people get carried away by false stories, but soon realize that they are victims of false propaganda spread by these fake leaders. Here people are exposed to news, current affairs, development, science and technology, so the lies of such leaders are exposed sooner or later.

Seeing the Pakistan media and social media, it’s disheartening to see the Pakistani illiterate and even some of the educated people talking about hatred for India and don’t want to believe about India’s progress and development in IT, science and technology; they still believe their country is better, stronger and more developed when they have been isolated, and their leaders go around begging for funds. It’s discouraging to see students especially from madrassas ignorant of science talking about earth been flat and static, and the sun moving around the earth. With such education, it’s difficult to see progress in Pakistan. Educated and enlightened Pakistanis are leaving their country as they see no hope or future in their country.

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Some of India’s neighbors, especially Pakistan, can’t digest this unity and harmony. Their leaders and media feed fake news and hatred for India, for their own survival. In recent years, some educated and young Pakistanis are trying to change this with facts through social media. This is an eye-opener to many Pakistanis who have been fed hatred, false information, and propaganda about India. Now seeing India’s progress and development, the younger generation of Pakistanis are seeing and learning the truth about India and where they stand in the world. They have started questioning, though both became free nations more than seven decades ago, India has developed and prospered, whereas Pakistan is sinking and is forced to literally beg and borrow with prices of essential commodities shooting up and at the mercy of others and the FATF.

Pakistan’s economic and political conditions have deteriorated greatly. Cash-strapped Pakistan’s $350 billion economy is a meltdown, with inflation at a record 38%. The 2022-2023 Pakistani economic crisis is an ongoing economic crisis and part of the 2022-2023 political unrest. It has caused severe economic challenges due to which food, gas, and oil prices have risen. The predicament is further compounded by soaring sugar prices. The economy is under severe stress with low foreign reserves, a depreciating currency, and high inflation. Default risks increase significantly in fiscal year 2023-24. Poverty in Pakistan has been recorded by the World Bank at 39.3%. Pakistan’s external debt servicing obligations for July 2023 amount to USD 2.44 billion, with USD 2.07 billion owed to China and USD 195 million to Saudi Arabia. Besides, Pakistan’s crippling economy is sitting on a large pile of debt taken from international organizations and countries like China.

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 Vastu tips for happy homes!

It is difficult for builders and home-owners to ensure that the houses they build are vastu compliant. It is important to follow basic vastu tips for your home. Vastu suggests the right color, format, shape, layout, and directions to ensure positivity and happiness in every corner of your house and the family residing there.

Check the shape of the rooms. As per vastu, the house should preferably be in the shape of a square or a rectangle. Odd shapes in rooms should be avoided.

In homes, the rooms should be well-lit, airy, and clean. As far as possible, rooms in the house should have regular sunlight and proper ventilation. This helps facilitate the inflow of fresh energy and the outflow of stale and negative energy.

The house’s main entrance is not only the entry point for the family but also for energy and vibes. The main entry point of your house should face the north, east, or northeast direction when you step out. Use superior-quality wood to construct the entrance door. Avoid keeping a shoe rack or dustbin outside the entrance. The main door must not be painted black or any dark shade. The entrance should be well-lit. The door should open in a clockwise direction. Don’t put any animal statues or figurines near the entrance.

The living room is the most active area of the house and makes the first impression on guests when they enter. The living room should be clutter-free. The curtains, drapes, and furnishing should be of pleasant shades or pastel shades to give a cool look.

In the bedroom, no mirror or television should be placed in front of the bed. Heavy furniture like beds and cupboards should be kept in the south-west direction. Temple should not be placed in the bedroom.

Dining space and your table should not be near the main door. Try to avoid the southwest direction at any cost. It should be in a proper and calm place where the family can relax and eat comfortably.

Spiritual area, the east or northeast side of the house is best. Preferably, you should face east, as it increases positivity. As far as possible, avoid keeping the altar in the kitchen or bedroom.

For any good home, appropriate ventilation and adequate daylight are essential components. Regular sunlight and proper ventilation are a must. Pleasant shades or pastel colors are recommended. Avoid black colors on walls, furniture, or fixtures. Doing this will help the flow of energy and increase positivity in your home, and it will also bring positive vibes to the family.

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