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Why India is Incredible India?

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Why India is Incredible India?

Rebranding the Incredible India campaign was used to increase tourism by promoting its diversity and making it a point of attraction for local and foreign tourists by embracing this diversity, contrasting culture, traditions, cuisine and wonderful sights. According to a study by the website, India ranks seventh in the list of the most beautiful countries in the world. From magnificent mountains in the Himalayas to colourful coral reefs in Andaman and ancient monuments dotted all over India make it so.......

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Most people in the west and some of our neighboring countries too still have the age-old image of India, like the Taj Mahal, Yoga, crowded country with a large population and the land of Hindus and sadhus. Contrary to the popular belief India is much more, and most people are not even aware of the progress and development India has made in the last couple of decades; which has made India the fifth largest economy and soon may become the third largest economy in the world. India’s catapult to success is not only due to the development in the present, but it was started years ago by various governments and was helped by our age-old legacy of centuries back.

Today India has banished those doubts and negative mindset about the country. We have done all the hard work and put together a list of unique facts of India you probably haven’t even heard of and which has made it – Incredible India. As you journey through this blog, you will uncover the hidden facts and how the new modern India is forging new ideas, thoughts and paths through Make in India that makes India stand out and is unstoppable. Not only in IT, but technology, space, agriculture, education, health, defense, industrial manufacturing, skilled manpower and in many other fields India is as good as the developed countries in the west. Digital India is one such example.

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Rebranding the Incredible India campaign was used to increase tourism by promoting its diversity and making it a point of attraction for tourists by embracing this diversity, contrasting culture, traditions, cuisine and sights. According to a study by the website, India ranks seventh in the list of the most beautiful countries in the world. From magnificent mountains in the Himalayas to colourful coral reefs in Andaman and ancient monuments dotted all over India make it so. Another misconception most people have is not all Indians are vegetarians as generally believed by many. It is known for non-vegetarian dishes and delicious seafood specially along coastal India. India is the second largest English-speaking country in the world. Curry is one of India’s popular dishes.

Did you know India was once an island, and even part of Antarctica! About 50 million years ago, it connected with the Asian continental plate, and due to the crashing of the continental plate the Himalayas was born. And thus, was the emergence of the Indian subcontinent and a civilization. Thus was the emergence of the sub-continent and ancient India with a rich culture, tradition and secularism. Hinduism is considered to be the oldest religion. Along with the Hindus, others like Muslims, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Parsis, Jews, etc live here in harmony. All are a people of a common heritage and history whatever may be their religion. In 1947 Pakistan was carved out of India as some Muslim leaders wanted a separate nation for Muslims. And after over seven decades, it is a failed state facing grave political, sectarian, terrorism, severe economic and other crisis.

For Indians nation comes first, religion is a private matter. This comes naturally to Indians and this has helped India to progress and develop at a fast pace and catch up with the developed countries. Indians are respected all over the world and are aware India has arrived. In India everyday is a festival. Its colourful place with friendly and smiling people. India and Indians are know for their hospitality.  Atithi devo bhava meaning guest is god is the tagline of the campaign in India to treat tourists as God and develop a sense of responsibility towards the guests.

Are you aware as per the data of 2020, Indian women hold 11 percent of the world’s gold. Indian women currently own 21,733 tons of gold. Padmanabhaswamy temple in Kerala is considered to be the richest temple in the world with gems, jewelry, gold, silver locked in its huge vaults. There are many such rich temples all over the country.

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India has been the largest troop contributor to UN missions since its inception. Apart from Indians occupying top positions in major corporates, another surprising fact is Indians own more property in London than the English people. More than 40 percent of the motels in the US are owned by Indian Americans. 30 percent of the Fortune 500 companies have Indians as their CEO’s. India accounts for one-third of all engineers in Silicon Valley in the US and 10 percent of the world’s high-tech business CEOs. This speaks a lot about the Indian values, education system, the schools, colleges, Universities, IITs, IIMs, some of them are ranked highly in the world. Indian parents value education and sacrifice a lot to educate their children. Credit must go to the Indian parents.

The number of people travelling in the Indian Railways every day is equal to the population of Australia. More than 19,500 languages are spoken in India. It’s said that every few km you travel, the language or accent and food changes. India currently has the tallest statue in the world – Sardar Patel’s statue in Gujarat, measuring 600 feet in height, is known as the Statue of Unity. Indian boxer Mary Kom recently won her 8th medal at the World Boxing Championship, making her the most successful boxer of all time. India was the first country to mine diamonds, from the fourth century BC for around 1000 years, India was the only source of diamonds in the world.

Superstar Freddie Mercury is of Indian origin known as the world’s first Indian rock star. Freddie was born of Parsi origin with the name Farrokh Bulsara. The Golden Temple in Amritsar feeds a vegetarian meal to over 50,000 people every day regardless of race, religion and class. Similarly, many other temples in India offer free meals as prasad to all devotees with food cooked by cooks and volunteers in the huge kitchens. Some of them are partly automated, in some temples, certain sections are run-on solar energy. Piplantri, a village in Rajasthan plants 111trees every time a girl child is born. Women empowerment has been the focus of succeeding governments.

The country is third in the world for billionaires. India now boasts of 6,884 ultra-high-net-worth individuals and claim to have 140 billionaires. Roughly 67 % of the world’s outsourcing is done in India. The IT industry is valued at over US$150 billion. Silicon Valley in US boasts of Indians in responsible senior posts and have also been instrumental in creating many successful start-ups.

The state of Meghalaya, in northeast India is the wettest inhabited place on earth. The forest region has an average rainfall of 12000 mm of rain every year. Cheerapunji was considered the wettest place but now Mawsynram receives the highest rainfall in India. It is reportedly the wettest place on earth, with an average annual rainfall of 11,872 millimeters (467.4 in). According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Mawsynram received 26,000 millimeters (1000 in) of rainfall in 1985. White tigers are only found among Indian tigers. The white tiger is a leucistic pigmentation variant of the regular tiger.

With documents dating back as early as 5,500 BCE, Hinduism is considered the oldest religion in the world. The holy city of Varanasi, also known as Banaras or Kashi, is believed to be one of the oldest living cities in the world. The Kumbh Mela is a spiritual event held once in 12 years in north India. In 2011, this religious gathering was so vast that it was visible in space through a satellite. It attracted over 70 million people from all over India and the world. The event was conducted peacefully without any untoward incident.

About 35 meters taller than the Eiffel Tower, the arch-shaped Chenab bridge in Jammu and Kashmir is the world’s tallest rail bridge. It stands at the height of 1,178 feet over the river Chenab. The feat was achieved by Indian engineers and local material and technology. Many such marvels in the form of infrastructure, bridges, roads, flyovers, expressways, tunnels etc have be constructed in the last few decades.
India has a myriad of landscapes, great heritage and culture, varied flora and fauna. A world carved in time and timelessness, generously endowed with nature’s bounties. A region that pulsates with life, a land that celebrates life. India is the most preferred tourist destinations for tourists around the world. Indian culture and traditions are getting globalized and attracting a lot of foreigners. Apart from Taj Mahal, huge monuments, forts and Palaces, the backwaters, the beaches in Goa, Gokarna and elsewhere, the beautiful hill stations are a major draw and captivating.

In the last 180 years, the inhabitants of Meghalaya have been using living root bridges to cross rivers and streams. These bridges stand tall against the test of time, with a capacity to hold 50 people at a time. It’s an example of traditional art and expertise which is useful even today in remote areas of the state with no harm caused to nature. Ancient India was home to two of the world’s first cities, Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro. These cities had buildings, multiple stories and sewage systems like modern cities. India was the first civilization to use algebra and calculus. The number zero was invented by Aryabhatta in ancient India. Sage Shushratha is considered the father of modern surgery. Ayurveda too is India’s gift to the world.

Indian spices are known all over the world. Indian fashion is making waves. Indian food and cuisines are a favourite with foreigners. Cricket and Bollywood are another major attraction. Spiritual tourism is also attracting many to the holy places located all over India. India is known for ancient monuments, temples, stupas and other religious structures, centers of learning all over India. Kashmir valley in the north is no doubt the most beautiful tourist places in India; Kerala in the south, rightly called God’s Own Country, is a beautiful state known for its laidback culture and bounty of nature with palm-fringed backwaters, rejuvenating ayurvedic spas and striking wildlife.

India has achieved a lot in the last couple of decades. Polio eradication all over India in 2014. The Chandranyan, mission to the moon. In 2013 launch of MOM (Mars Orbiter Mission), In 2012 Western Ghats was designated as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In 2010, in sports, India won 101 medals in Commonwealth Games. Later did well in Olympics and World Championships in different sports.

In the field of science and technology, India has designed and built its own aircrafts, arms, EW systems, missile systems, frigates and aircraft carrier and Vande Bhart fast trains. Other contributions of India to the world – Chess, Snakes and ladders game, Basmati rice, yoga, Sanskrit, Ayurveda, detection of water on the moon, plastic surgery, binary system, ink, fiber optics and USB and many more. The profound shift in politics and foreign policy, diplomacy and digitization along with art and sports. India’s GDP growth rate in the last 10 years has been an average growth rate of 6-7 per cent. This has made India the fifth largest economy overtaking UK recently and is aiming to be the third largest economy very soon.

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