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It’s getting harder for Pakistan

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It’s getting harder for Pakistan

Pakistan seems to have realized it has been isolated, even the Muslim countries are ignoring them. On the international front, Pakistan is trying hard to come out from political isolation. It relies on all-weather friend China. But China has never dared to help them against India. China too seems to regret having trusted Pakistan and invested in CEPEC.......

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What does Pakistan want? They themselves are confused. Pakistan is in a real fix, with price rise, shortages, terrorist attacks and economy sinking it’s becoming difficult to run the country. And FATF is making it harder for them, falling into the pitfalls that are sabotaging their return to normalcy. The blunder lies in attempting to forge a different path every time there’s some hope, thereby snubbing the potential of some semblance of recovery. It’s not merely about having a backup plan, but also about broadening their horizons and expanding their opportunity. They are averse to constructive criticism. Hence, it’s all too easy to get weighed down by challenges. Day by day it’s getting difficult for Pakistan.

Pakistan was divided into two entities after the Bangladesh liberation war in 1971. And it was their own doing to subdue the Bengalis, and India was forced to intervene due to the genocide by the Pak army and influx of a million Bengali refugees to the Indian states bordering former East Pakistan. Bengali people, intellectuals and civilians were killed, even women and children were not spared, mass rape of women was a planned policy to subdue and insult them. India mounted pressure and the final assault by the Indian army with the support of Mukti Bahini, the Pak army was forced to surrender to the Indian forces. Pakistan is continuously and desperately trying to take revenge of 1971 war by spreading terrorism in Kashmir and other parts of India.

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Pakistan knows very well that it cannot win against India in a conventional war, therefore it has adopted proxy war with the help of state sponsored terrorism. It sends trained Jihadists through the border to attack the Indian army. It also provokes Kashmiri people against the Indian army with the help of pro-Pakistani elements and Hurriyat Conference leaders. It encourages separatists to burn schools and throw stones at Indian army. It also tries to obstruct Indian army while they are in the process of cordoning and killing terrorists from Pakistan. All these methods are failing and they are disappointed that their plans are not working any more.

In 1984, in a proactive action by the Indian army, Pakistan army was defeated in Siachen and was unable to get hold of the glacier heights. It was major strategic victory for India. And since then, the Indian forces are in control of entire Siachen area though they tried a few times to attack the Indian army but the Indian forces responded strongly. More than the enemy, it’s the hostile climate that takes a toll of the forces who have to be replaced regularly. The cost is high but it’s a must has a strategic advantage for India.

In 1989 it tried to change the demography of Kashmir valley by expelling Kashmiri Pandits, the only Hindus in the valley through the terrorist organisations. It threatened Kashmiri Pandits to leave the valley and killed many of them in broad daylight. Thus, in the Kashmir valley the original inhabitants, the Kashmiri Pandits had to flee leaving behind their homes, business, orchards and property in 1989 and live in congested refugee camps. They were driven away from their own homes. Now the government is trying to resettle them.

In 1999 it tried to occupy Kargil and wanted to cut off Leh and Ladakh from rest of India by cutting off the supply line from national highway number 1A. Pakistan’s propaganda that it captured Kargil from India sounds hollow when one of their own spokes-person stated, Pakistan won as long as they did not come face to face with the Indian army! Once the Indian army came on the scene, the Pakistanis had to flee with many of their soldiers being killed. The Pakistanis even refused to take the bodies of their dead soldiers and the Indian army buried them with dignity.

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Pakistan is hosting the well- known terrorists like Hafiz Saed, Mulla Omar, Salahuddin etc. Different terror organisations like LeT, LeJ, Jem, Hijbul mujahidin, Hakkani network etc., thrive in Pakistan under the state patronage and the army. They plan and organise separatist activities in Jammu and Kashmir. They send jihadis to kill. Some locals fall prey to their preaching but now the young and educated Kashmiris are realizing their motive and would like to be a part of the progress and development in Kashmir. This is hurting the Pakistan plans.

Pakistan seems to have realized it has been isolated, even the Muslim countries are ignoring them. On the international front, Pakistan is trying hard to come out from political isolation. It relies on all-weather friend China. But China has never dared to help them against India. China too seems to regret having trusted Pakistan and invested in CEPEC. The world is now aware of the nefarious activities of Pakistan and the state-sponsored terrorist activities.

In desperation they are using all kinds of provocation to separate Kashmir from India. But majority of Kashmiri people are happy with Indian government and the development. A small number of the population in the valley area are influenced by Pakistan. Thus all efforts of Pakistan government are proving futile. With the abrogation of article 370, the progress in the area and G20 meeting scheduled in Kashmir, Pakistan already feels they have lost Kashmir. Now they are worried about holding on to POK where protests are common and the locals are keen to join their brethren in Jammu and Kashmir.

Pakistan received billions of aid from America to facilitate war in Afghanistan and to fight terrorism. Instead of using this money against terrorism it has used it to promote terrorism against India. After the conspiracy of Osama Bin Laden hiding in Abbottabad was exposed, America stopped trusting Pakistan and has stopped financial aid. Pakistan since its inception, survived on aid which the army and the establishment utilized for its own benefit.

It is desperate to internationalize the Kashmir issue by all kinds of false statements and photographs in UN and other forums. But India is able to expose their propaganda in front of the international community.  Some months ago, a photo of a woman with pellet injuries on her face was shown in UNGA by Pakistan’s ambassador to UN Maleeha Lodhi proved to be a fake photo. It was a photo of a Palestinian woman from Gaza city and not from Kashmir. The picture used by Pakistan's Ambassador to the UN was reported by a number of media outlets as that of a 17-year-old girl injured in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza city in 2014. As a result, all efforts by Pakistan to internationalize the Kashmir issue has received a setback with most countries not taking them seriously.

Kashmiri people are genuinely fed up with the continuous disturbance and violence in the region. They are now getting recruited in police and civil services in large numbers. Pakistani terrorists and separatists are now targeting Kashmir police personnel to create fear. This is their frustration at the extreme. Pakistan in no way is capable of separating Kashmir from India. The leaders too have realized Kashmir is lost and no country is willing to listen. They are worried about holding on to POK.

Hurriyat leaders like Gilani and Yasin Malik are under house arrest and those involved in terror funding are being investigated and questioned by NIA. Therefore, anti-India shows and stone-pelting has totally stopped as Indian army has been ordered to weed out the terrorist and separatist elements. The terrorists from Pakistan who enter Kashmir are cordoned and killed in retaliatory actions by Indian army. The result being there’s normalcy in Kashmir except for a few isolated incidents provoked by infiltrators and their local sympathizers.

Modi government has changed the foreign policy towards Pakistan. No more talks till Pakistan stops state-sponsored terror. It has adopted a tit- for- tat policy and the army has been given full power to decide the extent of retaliation. Surgical strike in POK in September 2016 was pointer to this. After the recent incident in Poonch where five personnel of Rashtriya Rifles died due to grenade throwing and random firing on a convoy of trucks by terrorists, Pakistan is expecting a strong retaliation from India. And it may soon happen. Such attacks can only happen with a nod from the government and the army. Foreign Minister Bhutto is likely to visit India for the SCO summit. Nothing much is expected from this visit. Foreign Minister Jaishankar has made it clear no talks with countries promoting terror.

Some Pakistanis talk of independent Kashmir. The most important question is whether Pakistan will allow an independent Kashmir to survive in the neighborhood? And if it annexes Kashmir, whether it will be able to provide the basic necessities to Kashmiri people. Pakistani citizens are not provided with the basic facilities in Pakistan. People have to stand in queue to get their basic needs. The prices of essential commodities have gone beyond reach of the common man. With shortages of essential items, there is anger among the people. The leaders travel to all the Muslim and friendly countries to borrow and get financial aid to run Pakistan which is already sinking. FATF has made things very clear to Pakistan government. They are required to fulfil certain strict conditions which would be difficult for the Pakistan government. With the nation in economic doldrums, they talk of standing on their own feet. Some are even talking about the breakup of Pakistan.

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NHAI is developing world-class Wayside Amenities at more than 600 locations along the National Highways, said the Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari.

According to an official release, the Minister for Road Transport and Highways said that NHAI is developing world-class Wayside Amenities (WSA) at more than 600 locations along the National Highways which will include setting up helipads and drone landing facilities. These facilities would help in dealing with medical emergencies, such as road accidents and organ transplantation.

Apart from basic facilities like good toilets, parking and restaurants; the WSAs will also have dormitories for truck drivers, electric vehicles charging, trauma centres among others.

There will also be retail outlets for promoting handicrafts and locally-manufactured products, the minister said, adding some of the WSAs will also have helipads and drone landing facilities to deal with medical emergencies like road accidents and organ transplantation. Gadkari further said, “PM Gati Shakti National Master Plan (NMP) is a very big initiative and it will help us reduce logistics costs".

He added that logistics cost in India is higher at 13-14 per cent of GDP compared to 8-9 per cent in other developed economies, such as the US.

“Higher logistics cost reduces the competitiveness of 'Made in India' products in global markets. Reducing logistics costs to 9 per cent of GDP is at the top of the government's agenda," the minister emphasized.

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