Tuesday 28 November 2023

The Folly of Pakistan, Cricket & Fans!

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The Folly of Pakistan, Cricket & Fans!

The World Cup 2023 is over. Australians won the championship though India was considered favorites as they won all their matches on the way to the finals. The grand event will be remembered for the great performances by batsmen, bowlers and fantastic catches and fielding from the participating countries. It will also be remembered for the controversies created by fans. But mainly it will be remembered for the folly of Pakistanis, cricketers, ex-cricketers and Pakistani fans who expose their poor knowledge to world.

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ICC should select Pak experts in the special panel of Corrupt Practices in World Cup matches! It seems they have great expertise in this. They accuse Indian players of malpractices in the World Cup as they can't digest India's undefeated run. One Pakistani talks of chip in the ball for extra swing and movement. Another ex-cricketer says, the umpires must check the ball after every over. The Pakistan ex-cricketers who have played the game at the top level tend to speak like duffers. This exposes their mindset be it sportsmen, illiterate people or TV anchors.

Another says, India uses special ball for its matches. Another ignorant Paki talks of how two balls used at either end. Another, talks of lighter ball for spinners and heavy ball for pacers. Another Pak ex-cricketer, I think it was Shikandar Bakt, said, the Indian captain throws the coin too far and manipulates the decision. This helps India to win matches. Former Pakistan cricketer Wasim Akram chastened the Pakistan ex-cricketers and anchors for their senseless outbursts that make them a laughing stock in the cricketing world.

Some Pakistanis accuse, it's not ICC but BCCI that's conducting the World Cup matches. Another foolish Pak woman announced, it's Israel and America who are ensuring India's victory in all matches. And since no Pak spectators were present in the stadium, Pakistan lost. This exposes the lack of education, poor IQ and makes Pakistan a laughing stock in the world. And they are not taken seriously.

The Pakistan cricket team, though it could not perform credibly in this entire World Cup, has managed to grab its share of controversy during its brief stay in India. Some argue Pakistan team shouldn’t have gone to India in the first place. And Indian team doesn’t come play in Pakistan as they are scared of the Pak team. This clearly exposes them of not being up to date with current affairs and the reason why India and Pakistan do not play cricket series in either country, except international matches which both are bound to as per ICC rules.

The Pak team has gone back home after a dismal show against India and a bad performance against Afghanistan, both its neighbors, but during this period, the Pakistani cricket team managed to remain in the news due to controversial statements coming from its former and present players. Basically, they can’t digest India hosting the World Cup and winning all their matches. And the world appreciating the organizing of such a big event without any issues. This comes from their mindset and hatred for India.

First of all, as soon as the Pakistan team reached India for the 2023 World Cup, PCB Management Committee Chairman Zaka Ashraf created controversy by calling India an enemy country. This is the mindset of Pakistanis. However, as the issue escalated, PCB issued a statement and apologized. Such is the thinking of Pak officials.

This did not stop here, as rather than letting their game do all the talking on the field, the Pakistani cricketers made a fool of themselves by making statements like their players were not being given beef in their food, due to which their performance declined. Even the team coach, Mickey Arthur, made an absurd allegation when he said that Dil-Dil Pakistan songs are not being played in the stadium, due to which the team is not able to perform on the field. Arthur and some former Pakistani players also alleged that the spectators in Ahmedabad did not treat Pakistani players well. The PCB even complained to the ICC in this regard, but the ICC ignored it and did not take any action on it. They were looking for excuses to cover up their bad performances and show India in poor light. They didn’t succeed and had to go back to face the fans wrath at home.

To add to the controversies, its former player Abdul Razzaq, while talking about the poor performance of his home team at the ICC Cricket World Cup, made an unsavory comment about Indian actor Aishwarya Rai, after which he had to issue a public apology. This is the level of absurdity they stoop to though as a cricketer he has travelled abroad.

Additionally, during the 2023 ICC ODI World Cup, a dispute unfolded as former Pakistani cricketer Hasan Raza accused the Indian bowling squad by alleging that the Indian pacers were benefiting from manipulated cricket balls, purportedly supplied either by the International Cricket Council (ICC) or the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). He was trying to imply that the balls were specially crafted to amplify the bowlers' capacity to generate swing and seam movement. Raza also accused the ICC of manipulating the DRS technology in favour of the Indian team. Such is their level of intelligence, knowing well it will be endorsed by the local fans.

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Not just in the game, the Pakistani players have also tried to create religious controversy when the team's former main selector, Inzamam-ul-Haq, claimed in a video that Indian cricketer Harbhajan was so impressed with Maulana Tariq Jameel that he even contemplated converting to Islam. Harbhajan immediately responded adequately. Harbhajan, while reacting to Haq's claims, completely denied the story and said that he is a 'proud Sikh' and tweeted on X, 'Yeh kon sa nasha pee kar baat kar raha hai? I am a proud Indian and proud Sikh..yeh Bakwaas log kuch bi bakte hai'. It may be noted here that after the rift between the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and chief selector Inzamam-ul-Haq intensified, Haq quit his post, and the PCB later accepted the former skipper's resignation.

A video showing Mohammad Rizwan offering namaz on the field during the break in the team's match against the Netherlands in the 2023 World Cup also went viral on social media. What was the need to do this on the field. If he so desired, he could have done it in private, in the Pak dressing room. It could also be to incite the crowd.

The Pakistan players seemed to be paying more attention to politics than their performance during the World Cup. Their wicketkeeper and batsman, Mohammad Rizwan, caused controversy when he dedicated his country's victory against Sri Lanka to Palestine on social media platform X. According to some reports, the furious ICC ordered Rizwan to delete his tweets, which he refused to do. I am not aware if any action is contemplated.

The Pakistan team's dismal performance reminds cricket fans of the hugely popular 'Mauka Mauka' ad during the 2015 World Cup, which captured the emotions of the game from a heartbroken Pakistani fan's perspective. Once again, much to the disappointment of the Pakistani fans, the team, under the captaincy of Babar Azam, could win only 4 out of 9 matches, forcing it to exit the tournament. Pakistan failed to reach the World Cup finals for the third straight time. The dismal performance also led the team's bowling coach, Morne Morkel, to resign.

The problem with Pakistan is that they can't tolerate India's success in any field, including cricket. They simply believe they and their religion is superior and the khafirs are jealous of their success. And all gang up to defeat Pakistan. Unaware of the actual economic and political situation in Pakistan, they believe they are better than India. They live in a dream world of their own.

This shows the thinking and mentality of the Pakistani people who are fed with hatred, propaganda, fake news and lies, by the media, little knowing about the truth and the bad state of their country. They are not willing to even believe the truth spoken by educated and well-informed Pakistanis. They simply can't take it that India is better than Pakistan in every field. As Pakistan political analyst Sajid Tarar said, I thought Pakistan was 50 years behind India but now I feel its 100 years behind India after seeing the achievements and development in India.

No wonder educated Pakistanis abroad say, their country is over 50-100 years behind India, and there’s no comparison between the two countries. Even former part, Bangladesh is much better off than Pakistan. They fear that at this rate the future looks bleak for their country who tend to mix religion with everything. They feel education, open media and a knowledgeable and honest leader can bring about change in their country. Some even vouch for better relations with India to improve their situation back home. And some honestly believe India can lift them from their downhill journey.

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Nari Contractor 90 not out! 

Nari Contractor, former India captain at 90 with wife Zarine. The steel plate put on his head was removed a few years ago.

One of the tragic figures of Indian cricket, Nari Contractor's career was cruelly cut short when he was struck on the skull by a short delivery from Charlie Griffith in the Indian tourists' colony game against Barbados in 1962.

Nariman Jamshedji Nari Contractor born on 7 March 1934, is a former Indian cricket player, was a left-handed opening batsman. Contractor made his debut in 1955 and played till 1962 when his professional career ended after a serious injury and a steel plate had to be fixed on his head.

He was the youngest Indian captain that time, at the age of 26. In 2007, he received the C. K. Nayudu Lifetime Achievement Award, the highest honour Indian board can bestow on a former player. Nawab of Pataudi was appointed the captain after Nari.     


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