Monday 26 November 2012

Congress rejuvenation & BJP’s troubles

After the spate of reforms push, Aadhar-based cash transfer to start in 51 districts from January 1 and recent hanging of Ajmal Kasab has rejuvenated the Congress. They seem to have scored brownie points and also sent a strong signal that this government means business, tired of appeasing some of its allies and opposition all this while. The only other major political party on the national scene, the BJP is in disarray and embroiled with internal rift with the Nitin Gadkari episode.

BJP is facing tough times. Senior leader Ram Jethmalini embarrassed BJP over Nitin Gadkari, and again over BJP’s opposition to the government’s appointment of CBI chief. He has been suspended for daring the party president Nitin Gadkari to take action. Former Karnataka CM and Lingayat strongman BS Yeddyrappa, is all set to break away from the party and launch his new party, Karnataka Janata Party on Dec 9. This may mark a big setback to the BJP’s plan for 2014 polls. With mounting dissidence, BJP leader Shatrugan Sinha has joined Ram Jethmalini and Yeshwant Sinha in demanding the resignation of party president Nitin Gadkari facing allegations of corruption which is bound to dent BJP’s high moral ground on corruption. There are many more who feel the same but scared to come in the open.

Now the people are realizing, in parliament BJP appears to stall the proceedings on each and everything the government brings without going for its merits or demerits. Its sole purpose seems to embarrass the government. Sometimes it gives an impression that the opposition is trying to be the government by dictating to the government. All this pandemonium by the opposition has led one to believe it won’t be that difficult for Congress to retain or increase its numbers in the next general election thereby being voted back to power as there is no alternative. BJP leadership for some reason seems to go for self-goals and low on confidence.

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