Monday 4 March 2013

Books for sale

*Eternal Quest
‘The story of a young man from Kerala with a humble beginning and his travel to then Bombay as a gawky teenager to work and study to be somebody; after graduating, with great difficulty obtained a law degree while doing small jobs. His struggle in life during the British Raj and later after Indian independence, doing many odd jobs and then working in a government department with all its ills and internal squabbles; rising to be the Director of Enforcement, is an achievement. The story is inspiring.’

Eternal Quest
A Memoir by Madhav Reghuram Pillai
(Ex-Director of Enforcement, Govt of India)
- Edited by A K Naik
Publisher: M R Pillai
Pages: 473
Price: Rs 400 + P&F Rs 100

*From the dust in Kalathur to the sand in Arabia:
 ‘When you sincerely want to do something, luck too comes forward to help you achieve it. The book, a biography of S B Shetty, ‘From the dust in Kalathur to the sand of Arabia,’ inspires, encourages and prompts you to positivity. It also throws light on the human side of the successful businessman in UAE. The author having visited him in UAE and spent a lot of time with him is well positioned to tell the story of his life and his rise in business as well as personal life.’

From the dust in Kalathur to the sand in Arabia:
   - a biography of a NRI business entrepreneur in UAE.
Written by: Anil Kumar Naik
* Foreword by His Excellency the Indian Ambassador to UAE.
Published by: Arab Udupi Group, UAE.
Pages: 400   
Price: Rs 500 + P&F Rs100

*Bharata, My Brother
'A remarkable exposition of the relationship between Rama & Bharata. Provides a glimpse of Ramayana in a simple form with a focus on Bharata's episode in the great epic.'
Bharata, My Brother
- Bharata's episode in Ramayana in verse form.
 Including Ramayana: story in brief & Bharata's profile.
Written by: Anil Kumar Naik
- Foreword by Shri Asaranna Swami, Durga Parmeshwari temple,
Kateel, Karnataka.
Price: Rs 200 + P&F Rs 50 

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