Thursday 9 June 2022

Pakistanis must learn the truth?

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Pakistanis must learn the truth?

On seeing the many Pakistan reaction videos on India - about the cities, places, technology, education, IT, automobile, medicine, sports, exports etc, the reaction gives an impression of the mindset, common sense, exposure, level of education and thinking of the common Pakistani public. In a way you can’t blame them as they have been bombarded with lies, misinformation and anti-India campaign since independence in 1947........

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Pakistanis must learn the truth about Pakistan and India. They have been fed with lies and misinformation over the years and the Pakistan people have believed it blindly. The Pakistan leaders and media try to score points by India bashing and telling lies about India thereby painting a negative picture about India in the mind of common Pakistanis. They are exposed mostly to the local vernacular media and many are not aware of the world media, hence their knowledge and information is limited to what they see, read or hear in Pakistan.


Now with many YouTube channels by a young bunch of knowledgeable youngsters – Shoaib Choudary, Ribaha Imran, Daily Swag, Sana Amjad, Catalyst Entertainment and others; with social media and YouTube videos being easily accessible, many Pakistanis are shocked to learn the truth about Pakistan and India. They are stunned and in doubt as they were made to believe that Pakistan is ahead of India in every field and the whole world is jealous of Pakistan, the self-proclaimed leader of the Muslim world. Most Pakistanis now realize they have been fooled by their leaders and the media. All this big talk has put Pakistan in a financial mess, internal rift, with scarcity of foodstuff and rising prices of all essential items. The nation is desperately trying to avoid a Sri Lanka type situation. In fact Pakistan is behind India at least over five decades if not more. They now realize their authorities have taken for a ride. 

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On seeing the many Pakistan reaction videos on India - about the cities, technology, education, IT, automobile, medicine, sports, exports etc, the reaction gives an impression of the mindset, common sense, exposure, level of education and thinking of the common Pakistani public. In a way you can’t blame them as they have been bombarded with lies, misinformation and anti-India campaign since independence in 1947. They have been told since 1947, Pakistan is a powerful country better in all fields than India. And India is scared and jealous of Pakistan’s development. Pakistan is the only country among other Muslim countries in the world where the people, young or old, educated or illiterate keep claiming we are Muslims. They mix religion in everything.

In one of the reaction videos of Shoaib Choudhary, a man wearing the traditional dress, in his fifties boasts that Pakistan is the best and in 1965, when India attacked, they had almost reached Delhi. When asked why they didn't capture Delhi, the man responded saying, super-power America  and other countries asked Pakistan to cease fire and withdraw. And the Pak army returned after teaching India a lesson. When countered by the anchor that in 1965 Indians had almost reached Lahore, and in 1971 when Bangladesh (East Pakistan) separated from Pakistan, 93,000 Pak soldiers surrendered to Indian forces. He ignored this by saying, its propaganda. When asked where he got all this information, he said he read it in their newspapers and heard from their leaders. This is the level of misinformation in Pakistan. Some of their crazy statements make them a laughing stock in the world.

In another video, a young woman says, India has progressed by copying Pakistan and Islamic rules. When asked, why Pakistan didn't progress by these rules. She said Pakistan is more developed and slowed down due to some internal issues. She then goes to say, India, USA, Russia and other countries have all developed by copying Pakistan and Islamic rules without knowing it was from Pakistan. And another educated man says, if Muslims in India win medals, they should hail Pakistan, as they are Muslims without realizing they are Indian citizens . This is the education and mindset of the people who blindly believe in what is taught in schools and put forth by the Pak media since 1947. 

They regularly harp that the Muslims in India are ill-treated and the Kashmiris are tortured, women are raped and about lockdown in Kashmir. They avoid telling the facts about the killings of innocent people and Kashmiri Pandits by the Pakistani terrorists, instigating the local youth against India, hiding the facts about the progress and development in Kashmir, locals enjoying the same benefits as rest of India like education, employment, sports and infrastructure like roads, railways, bridges, etc, foreign investment including a big investment from UAE and other Middle East countries for further development in the region and boosting tourism and employment and attracting record Indian and foreign tourists visiting the state. They spread blatant lies about terror meted by the Indian army, lockdown all over Kashmir with no internet facility, no food and water. In fact after the pandemic, Kashmiris are benefiting from record tourists visiting the state with most of the hotels seeing full occupancy and the rooms attracting high rates thereby benefiting the local Kashmiris. They also speak of India enforcing demographic changes, which again is a lie. 

On Pakistan television, most of their media persons and anchors like Fiza Khan, Kiron Naz and others regularly speak out hatred for India and use abusive language for the Indian PM; this will give you an idea of their education, professionalism and etiquette. And this behavior seems to have percolated down to the common man. One can understand this poor attitude of the masses being illiterate but some educated Pakistanis – gents and ladies speak the same language. This tells about their mindset. They don’t want to hear the truth that India is far ahead in all fields. And go on to talk about poverty, large population and suffering of the people in India and end it by saying, Pak army is the number one in the world. Some moderate Pakistanis and the educated younger generation speak some sense or logic or have a balanced viewpoint as they are exposed to reality. Pakistan is sixth in population.

The general mood is hatred for India and their children’s minds have been corrupted that India is an enemy and Hindus and others are Khafirs who dislike the existence of Pakistan. From this it’s fully noticeable that the generations and common man blindly believe in what they study, read and see on the media as the gospel truth. Pakistan media talks about hate India everyday and compares itself with India. While India treats Pakistan, just as one of their neighbours like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Bangladesh. India normally ignores Pakistan and the Indian media covers Pakistan unless there is a terrorist attack in Kashmir or a bomb blast in Pakistan.

They are regularly fed with lies and fake news about India. They are made to believe, Pakistan is superior and India is an underdeveloped, poor, inferior and dirty nation with a large population. They are made to believe that ISI and their army is number one in the world. And their armed forces are very brave to scare the India army. They are never told that Pakistan lost all the wars with India, be it 1948, 1965, 1971 and the Kargil war, all initiated by Pakistan. In 1948, their army was driven out from the major part of Kashmir, In 1965, Indian army reached the outskirts of Lahore reaching Burki, and the media proudly showed how the brave Pakistan army saved Lahore, not telling the people how did the Indian forces cross and reach the outskirts of Lahore, 1971 Bangladesh liberation war, Pakistan army massacred its own citizens, raped the women and killed over lakh of people. 93,000 Pakistani soldiers surrendered to the Indian forces in Dacca. They were taken as prisoners of war and later released after the Shimla agreement between Indira Gandhi and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. They need not believe in what India says; they can check the YouTube and see the Pakistan videos of their own Pakistani retired generals, reputed journalists and analysts talking about the defeats in detail. They can also refer to their own government war report. In Kargil, over 1000 Pakistani soldiers were killed and refused to take the bodies of their own men. Indian soldiers buried the fallen Pakistani soldiers with due respect. Hassan Nissar and Najam Sethi senior Pakistani journalists have stated in the media that Pakistan lost all the wars with India.

Pakistan proclaims to be the leader of the Muslim world, but nobody bothers. They claim to be ardent supporters of Palestine cause and their rights. Most Pakistanis may not be aware that Gen Zia-ul-Haq as a young brigadier led the Pak army on a request from the then King of Jordon and massacred thousands of Palestinians for money. And now Pakistan is keen to mend fences with Israel.

Pakistanis should know that Pakistani and Indian Muslims are different. Indian Muslims are more aware and well informed about the happening in the world. They are better educated, have opportunities and are doing well in all fields from politics, business, industry, sports and other professions. Indian Muslim men and women are better off. And don’t wish to be compared with Pakistani Muslims. Even if they have any local issues, India is a vibrant democracy and they are capable of solving those issues. They don’t need Pakistan help. They made a choice in 1947 and wish to live in India, which they call their motherland. India has had three Muslim Presidents – Dr Zakir Hussain, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, Dr Abdul Kalam and numerous of top officials in different positions, even army generals, air marshals over the years. Can Pakistan name anyone from the minority community who have occupied senior positions in Pakistan.

The most familiar lines we get to hear in the reaction videos is– Pakistani has plenty of talent, Pakistan is an Islamic country, Pakistan is an atmi taqaat (atomic power), Pakistan army is number one. The reason behind repeating these lines is to mask their inferiority complex. Most Pakistanis are not aware that abroad, Pakistanis are looked down upon. To save face, claim to be Indians. This is mainly due to the identity crisis. Pakistan hates to identify that their origin is from the Indian sub-continent with common heritage and culture which they share with India. So they falsely claim ancestry from the Arabs, Turks, Afghans, etc who care a damn for them. They suffer from identity crisis and are in a denial mode which bound to push their country into trouble.

They are made to believe China, Turkey and the Muslim world are their friends, but with the Middle East countries ignoring and refusing to help during their bad times, now claim China, Turkey and Russia are their friends. Since India is buying oil from Russia, Imran Khan recently claimed Russia was ready to sell oil to Pakistan too. This is far from the truth and Putin clarified it.  Actually Pakistan is isolated and even IMF has refused to bail them out of the mess the country is in. They are in FATF grey list and are worried they may be put on the black list.  Their own leaders claim, no one is willing to lend money to Pakistan. Some Pakistanis now speak out in the media out of sheer frustration, that Pakistan managed all these years with loans and aid. The Pakistan public is now exposed to harsh reality and upset with their politicians.

When the Pakistanis see the videos or hear about accomplishments in India, they are shocked to learn the truth about the progress and development made in practically every field by India. Some are surprised and openly say they were taught and learnt the wrong things about India in school and media. They are shocked to realize how they were fooled all these years. India designs and manufactures  helicopters, fighter planes, artillery guns, warships, frigates and even aircraft carrier. Indian automobile industry is in the first four in the world. IIT Madras has developed 5G internet and successfully conducted trials; and is also working on Hyperloop, a super fast transport system, in collaboration with the Indian Railways. India successfully extracted and manufactured Ethanol from sugarcane and using it as fuel for the vehicles. This is a major development which will bring down oil imports thereby saving valuable foreign exchange. Recently India made a record 44 billion textile export. India is working in different fields with an aim to develop made in India.

They are also made to believe, anything wrong happening in Pakistan is the handiwork of India or RAAA (as they pronounce RAW, the Indian intelligence agency) or is an Indian conspiracy to cut down Pakistan’s progress and development. I have never seen any citizen of any other Muslim country often declare, they are an Islamic country. But Pakistanis love to say this often, they are an Islamic country though there are as many Muslims in India, if not more. They claim to be more Muslim than the middle-east countries.

Most Pakistanis are not exposed to the outside news, information and recent developments; they read, watch and believe the local and vernacular media churning out negative, fake and anti-India news most of the time. They are constantly made to believe Kashmir belongs to them and India is wrongly occupying it, simply because it’s a Muslim majority state, conveniently forgetting East Pakistan was Muslim majority and part of their country which separated from Pakistan after a war. Today Bangladesh is ahead of Pakistan in most areas. A similar rebellion is brewing in Baluchistan and recently in Sind too.

Since 1947, the Kashmir bogey was created for the self-interest of the Pak army and the politicians. This helped the army to divert funds telling the masses Pakistan is in danger, need to defend itself from India. And the media goes berserk saying Kashmiris are ill-treated, tortured and killed; Pakistan needs to help them in their struggle with India. Their lies are now being exposed. Pakistanis are learning the truth from the foreign and social media.

The recent trend in Turkey – Get out Pakistanis is due to the misdeeds of the Pakistanis living in Turkey. Some Pakistanis admit it’s due to the wrong-doing of the Pakistanis, but some even see this as propaganda by India and others as it is jealous of Pakistan. This is sheer lies. With media and social media available to the public, Pakistanis are learning the bitter truth which the establishment was trying to hide these misdeeds from the masses. Pakistanis are no longer welcome in Turkey.

There is no comparison with India. India is almost 3.5 - 4 times bigger than Pakistan. The population is almost 6-7 times more than Pakistan. India is an economic power, in the top 5 countries in the world, and second in Asia after China, wielding political power, military power, influence and respect around the world. Maharashtra, a state in India, its GDP is more than Pakistan’s GDP. The Indian army is in the top four and the Indian air force is third as per the recent Defense report index. India is on the top in education, agriculture, medicine, IT, automobile, space and manufacturing.

Some Pakistanis love to talk of poverty in India without realising the facts. Poverty is  world -wide, it’s around 6% in India, now even less than 1%, and in Pakistan its 36-39%. But some knowledgeable Pakistanis say its over 40%. The literacy rate in India is high as compared to Pakistan where most of the masses, over 50% are illiterate.  Even the Madrasas teach that the Muslims are the chosen ones and the rest are Khafirs; this mindset is blamed by many educated Pakistanis for all the ills in the country. India has the second largest English-speaking population in the world. Pakistanis abroad openly say, they are not aware how long the government will last and have a fear of the army taking over in the back of their minds.

Be it manufactured goods, textiles, agriculture, IT, Pharmaceuticals, space, exports, India is way ahead of Pakistan. India is a fastest growing economy, presently at the top in the world. Food items, textiles, consumer goods, appliances, machines, automobile are much cheaper in India as compared to Pakistan. A record foreign investment in India in different sectors, and more has been announced by many countries, some of whom are shifting manufacturing from China to India. Pakistanis are wondering why no one is investing there? Even in sports, foreign countries are hesitant to visit Pakistan to participate in the events as the environment is not so conducive.

Education in India is much better and advanced. Many Indian universities are ranked high and listed with the best in the world. IIT is planning to go overseas with IIT Jamaica; recently an agreement has been signed. Indians occupy responsible and senior positions in the corporate world. CEO’s of many top international and multinational companies are Indians. This speaks volume of India’s success abroad. Pakistan started Suparco much before India’s Isro. Pakistan has not even made a rocket, but Isro is among the top 3 space agencies in the world with commercial launching of its own and satellites from other countries, sending unmanned vehicles Chandrayaan and Mangalyaan to the moon and Mars at a lower cost than others. India is also planning a manned mission. There are other major projects in the pipeline.

Indians are respected world over and Pakistanis are looked at with suspicion. Their green passport ranks at the lowest. In America and Europe, many Pakistanis prefer to call themselves as Indians to avoid suspicion. At the emigration, they are nearly strip searched. This tells a lot about Pakistan image world-wide with Osama bin Laden located in hiding there! Pakistan should stop promoting Ghazwa-e-hind and Hind banega Pakistan for their own good. They are corrupting and sowing the seeds of hatred in the innocent minds of children. If Hindus, Jews, Christians are all Khafirs, then why use all the things and gadgets made by them!

India and Pakistan became independent nations in August 1947. India has leaped forward, progressed and developed rapidly while Pakistan is in deep trouble with a debt-ridden economy and in the grey list of FATF. No country including China and the Muslim countries and IMF are willing to lend money to Pakistan. It’s in doldrums with low foreign reserves sufficient for about 30-40 days. They are hoping they don’t end up like Sri Lanka, to whom India has lent a helping hand to tide over its present troubles. And the Pakistan media debates if India could help them too after all the hate India campaign and terrorist activities.

Many educated Pakistanis and those living abroad are aware of all these facts and hope their country changes for the better. The real issue being they have no knowledgeable statesman like leader who can provide stability and last his full term, to provide some semblance of stability and hope. Pakistan has been marred by martial law, while India is a vibrant democracy since its independence. Many Pakistanis backed Imran Khan but he turned up to be a political novice, isolating Pakistan and putting the country into a financial and political mess. And his supporters accuse the present Shabaz government for all the turmoil. Their troubles are not of recent times but an accumulation of misrule and corruption since independence. 

Social media and Pakistan reaction videos are opening the eyes and minds of the Pakistani public to reality and are now realizing they were taken for a ride all these years, by being fed with lies and fake news about India. The mood of hatred is slowly changing among the new generation in Pakistan. Hope this may encourage and inspire the public to question their leaders and media about the misinformation they have been spreading all these years about India. I have a suggestion to the Pakistan anchors – do a bit of homework on the chosen subject and secondly when the people respond with wrong or foolish statements, counter them with facts or they remain ignorant and become a laughing stock among the viewers.

Whatever the Pakistanis might boast and claim, there is no comparison between India and Pakistan. India is way ahead of Pakistan in every field. Recently Kamal Cheema a familiar face in the Pak media admitted that Pakistan is at least 15 years behind India. Another senior political analyst is a bit more harsh, US-based Sajid Tarar says, Pakistan is at least 50 years behind India. He further added, Pakistan government leaders and foreign ministry is no match as compared to Prime Minister Modi and Foreign Minister Jaishankar, who are seasoned, educated and have knowledge and experience of administration, governance and world politics. And Pakistan leaders should learn from them.

The only hope for Pakistan is electing a good, knowledgeable and balanced leader. Telling the masses the truth, stop the Kashmir rhetoric, India bashing, stop mixing religion in everything, concentrate on developing their country, improving the education, agriculture, manufacturing and avoid misinformation. Basically they will have to change the image of their nation which has is at the lowest. Pakistan has to change within and distance itself from radicalism. 

You are great if you can find your own faults, and greater if can remove or reduce them. But you are the greatest if you accept and love others with their fault. It’s difficult but possible. This applies to Pakistan too.

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