Wednesday 17 October 2012

Arvind Kejriwal – to greatness or disaster?

Many are questioning his methods. And some are asking - his is the only wise man in the country? Kejriwal needs to mend his ways before he hurts his own cause. What is he trying to show or achieve? The Congress and opposition leaders are somewhat right in pointing out that Kejriwal is staging an unruly protest only to gain political mileage with some television channels giving him non-stop publicity with only TRPs in mind.

Most of the opposition parties who backed him earlier, including BJP are now wary of him, have distanced themselves, realizing his agenda and political ambitions. Anna Hazare was quick to understand the outcome and mature enough to distance himself from Kejriwal and his political outfit.
Kejriwal is not the law nor what he announces, the gospel truth? He should realize that arrests and sackings cannot be made based on his version of things and his allegations though he has the right to protest. Only courts courts are empowered to issue an arrest warrant. If this is the way, the educated and enlightened Kejriwal is going to run his new political outfit he is certainly going on the path to disaster. Anna Hazare was smart enough to predict that his movement was hijacked for ulterior motives, so he remains unscathed with some credibility intact.

One may not agree with the Kejriwal brand of politics but public anger cannot be ignored. But it has to be channelized properly without trampling upon others to get your viewpoint across. It is significant to note that it is not the opposition parties like BJP, Trinamool Congress and others which is setting the agenda today, but seems to be the people on the streets, led by people like Kejriwal who are leading the charge for social order and change. He should know that this does not necessarily translate to votes, which is essential for winning elections and strongly making your views heard in Parliament. Or does he believe chaos is inherent in all things?

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