Wednesday 24 October 2012

Turmoil in BJP

Former Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa announced he will quit BJP and launch a regional party on December 10, raising questions over the survival of the state BJP government headed by Jagdish Shettar. Yeddyurappa, who is largely credited for leading the BJP to power for the first time in South India, says BJP betrayed him. Earlier he had criticized the BJP central leaders and praised Sonia Gandhi for standing behind the Congress leadership.

In a huge setback to Nitin Gadkari Union Corporate Affairs Minister M Veerappa Moily has ordered a ‘discreet inquiry’ by the Registrar of Companies associated with BJP president’s firm, Purti Power & Sugar Ltd. Media reports have raised questions over the source of funds for Purti Power & Sugar Ltd. Media investigations claim that major investments and large loans to Purti – to the tune of around Rs 164 crore were made by construction firm Ideal Road Builders (IRB), which had won contracts between 1995-1999, when Nitin Gadkari was Public Works Department (PWD) minister in Maharastra.

With elections round the corner in two- three states, it does not augur well for the BJP. If they loose these elections, it will be a big embarrassment for the BJP who are projecting themselves as an alternative to Congress, to provide corruption-free government. Narendra Modi in Gujarat is also facing opposition from Keshubhai Patel, Joshi and others. This election is going to be a stiff test for him as he eyes a national role for himself. Insiders in the party say that Modi sounds over-confident with a bit of arrogance, ignoring Gujarat issues and development, and generally speaking about national issues in his election speeches in Gujarat thereby projecting himself as a national leader which is disliked by some within the BJP.

In Rajasthan, Vasundra Raje is not happy with BJP top brass and is contemplating starting a new regional party. All is not well within the BJP either. There are groups and leaders with their followers. In fact, some within the BJP are not happy with Nitin Gadkari getting a second term as party president. All along the party cadres were quiet as he had the backing of RSS. But now after Purti episode, they have raised their heads. It seems unlikely Nitin Gadkari will get a second term. BJP is finding it difficult to defend their party president.

IAC members, Arvind Kejriwal and Prashant Bhushan have been successful in exposing the nexus between all the major political parties – Congress and BJP and convincing the public at large that all political parties are the same. On the outside, they criticize one another but inside they protect and in fact encourage impropriety and their self interests. Especially BJP which all along proclaimed to be the party with a difference; will be truly hurt by this campaign as they always spoke of high morals and corruption-free government.

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