Thursday 4 October 2012

Kejriwal launches party?

Can Arvind Kejriwal succeed in politics? This is what many people wish to know. From an activist to a politician, it’s a different ball-game. When you jump into the pond of politics, some muck is bound to stick on you. The mood on the occasion was summed up by Yogendra Yadav – ‘Hazare’s absence will be felt. His presence would have given us strength and more credibility.’

Kejriwal announced – No MP/MLA of his party will use red beacons on vehicles or have security personnel. Official bungalows are also on the prohibition list. Wonder how many aspirants would be interested or would forgo these perks?

BJP’s Venkaiah Naidu took a dig at Arvind Kejriwal saying not everyone could sustain a political party.
Congress simply said, everyone has right to form a party. Appearing skeptical about the new political outfit floated by former Team Anna member, Baba Ramdev said it takes a minute to form a political party but how many people you have is the key. Ramdev too is thinking of forming his own political party!

Major political parties appeared to be unimpressed with Kejriwal’s political foray. In the coming months he will realize, it is not easy to do politics in isolation. Activism and politics are two different things. The party will have to align itself with one or the other major parties. He will then be sucked into the real dirty politics, diluting all his high ideas and beliefs. His talk on the high pedestal will be truly tested.

Every party starts with utopian vision, hopes and dreams, promising the aam admi many goodies, but soon realize politics is not a straight business, with odd permutations and combinations to gain support. He will have to choose between hard decisions and populism. Very soon along with roses will come brickbats. To take a stand against corruption is one thing; to make big promises is quite another. And he compounds it by his anarchist threat of cutting off power to Delhi CM’s residence if issues related to inflated power bills are not sorted out. For a potential MP/MLA this lawlessness is inappropriate. How, for example, does he intend to give direct power to the people or enunciate the budget on the streets? Power has to go through a proper channel. Has his downslide begun even before he has started?

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